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"I am the daughter of two parents that were deported from this country, I’m not ashamed of it. It’s a problem here in America and it happened to me." Guerrero’s family, including her older brother, was deported when she was 14. “I was the only one left because I was born in Jersey,” she says. “My entire family was just ripped apart.” Guerrero was taken in by two Colombian families that she was close with, but her circumstances left the aspiring actress growing up with feelings of insecurity and hopelessness. "I didn’t think anything was going to happen for me," she says. "I had dreams, but always told myself, ‘Nah, that would never happen.’ For a poor Latina, acting wasn’t a reality."

(Source: crazybitcharoundhere)

I was having a horrible day, one of those days where everything seems so dark and where it feels like no matter what you do there’s only sorrow for you. Then I spent my night with my family abd good company. We all shared stories and laughed the night away and I’ve never felt more happy and grateful for everything in my life. I appreciate it all and I’m at peace :)

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